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Bicycle Trail of Odra River

Built for the past few years, a natural and touristy network was finished this year. It consists of the following parts: blue trail along Odra River- a part of out of region “Odra River Trail,” red trail connecting the biggest urban centers of the county and a part of the regional “Odra-Borycz Trail”(color red), yellow trail “Wolowskie Landscapes”- around the city of Wolow, green trail “Forest Dunes,” access trails-black.

The total amount of the kilometers of this network equals about 200 km on the area of Wolowski County, but it is just a part of the regional and national bicycle mains offering great natural advantages for tourists. It is the natural character that makes it one-of-a-kind among other dolnoslaskie projects. The concept of the network of the county’s bicycle routes is formulated by three non-governmental organizations: the Society of Bicycle Tourism “CROSS” in Wolow, the Ecological Foundation “Green Campaign” in Legnica as well as the Association “Pro-Nature.”

Trails are marked out in a completely passable for bicycles area, away from the busy streets but allowing for the access to the most characteristic natural and cultural merits for the Wolowski land.

In Glebowice, situated on the south-east from Winsk, you can admire the post-monastic complex whose history reaches until 17th century, when the Alsace soldier, Johann Adam de Garnier, founded a monastery for Carmelites and a magnificent baroque church of St.Eliasz, currently the Mother of God Skaplerzna.

The baron Garnier himself settled here before his death joining the Carmelites’ Monastery in Glebowice, where he lies in a crypt until this day. Between Glebowice and Trzcina Wolowska, Carmelites built 14 chapels among which just 7 survived. Along with the final picturesque chapel of the Mother of God Bolesna, on the hill in Trzebnica, they constituted the Way of the Cross. The post-manor park with the ruins of a palace and the beautiful szypulkowe oak trees (the biggest-60cm circumference) together with 74 more species of the trees and bushes are also noteworthy.

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