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Wolowski County

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On the area of Wolowski County, there is a rich fauna and flora which is connected with the existence of an ecological corridor along the Odra River Valley in the county’s east part. Wolowski County is marked by a very high forestation index-forests take up 33,8%. Especially precious specimens of a diverse nature, landscape and preserved traces of an old culture decided about creating the Landscape Park “Jezierzyca Valley” on the area of Wolow and Winsk boroughs whose a total area equals 7953 ha.

This variety of the natural habitat, from dry sands and pine woods to the boggy alders, marshes and ponds enable development of a rich fauna and flora. 37 species of the protected plants, 38 species of mammals, ex. badgers and beavers, 23 fish species, 16 species of amphibians and reptiles as well as about 190 species of birds including 135 breeding can be found here.

On the area of the Landscape Park, there is a strict nature reserve, Uroczysko Wrzosy, situated between the rivers Juszka and Nieczna. To the elements of the reserve belong forests and meadows on the area of 576, 03 ha. A rich flora of this territory includes about 470 species of plants, 21 protected. The fauna numbers about 180 species including 180 breeding. Preserved in a natural condition, the local alders with their characteristic krepodolinowa forest’s structure belong to the most beautiful in Dolny Slask. Nearby Lubiaz, there is also a small nature reserve “Odrzyska,” where a water fern-salwinia and a caltrop of a water nut can be found. This area is not known, but thanks to its charmingly mysterious character it deserves the tourists’ interest and attention. On the north-east from Jodlowice village, on the border with the borough of Oborniki Slaskie, there is “Jodlowice” reserve, created to protect mixed fir tree forest. It takes up 9,36 ha and accounts for a typical for Trzebnicki Hills forest. The tallest trees here reach up to 45 m, and the circumference exceeds 300 cm.

Attractive for tourists terrains are well-known for many years to fishermen, mushrooms and berries’ pickers. The shape of the terrain is the biggest attraction for the fans of bicycling and hiking, and the 7-km recreational bicycle route and the touristy trails in the Landscape Park enable an enjoyable and active rest. Remarkably precious, interesting and full of charm place is the City Park, situated in the center of Brzeg Dolny and taking up 67 ha. Originally it was created as a French garden, but at the turn of 18th and 19th century, it was transformed into a park in an English style. The then city’s owner, Karol Georg von Hoym, Prussian minister of Silesia commissioned to the well-known Silesian architect, Karol Gotthard Langhans, to convert a park. He divided a park into 3 zones: “play zone” (with a pond, tearoom, house in a vineyard, bath salon and pheasants’ house), “work zone” (with a mill, breeding of silkworms and Jewish printing company), and “contemplation zone” (with the ruins of neo-gothic chapel, hermitage, grotto, Jewish cemetery). Its real pearl, except for the exotic trees, was the Hoym family’s mausoleum designed by Fryderyk Gilly. In the park, there are nearly 400-year-old szypulkowe oak trees (a circumference of a trunk about 5m) which are the nature memorials.

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